Process to get a house plan drawn

Get started by thinking of a design you would like and the floor plan configuration that best fits your needs. Make notes and sketches and cut pictures and take photos of all the roof style and looks you like. Be sure to think about room sizes that are best for you.

Scan all of your notes, sketches, photos, pictures, room sizes and all other items and send them to us as .jpeg. IF you prefer you can just make copies and mail them to us. We will scan them. Make sure any copies you send are clear.

When we receive all of your design ideas, we will give you an estimated quote.

Once you have approved our quotation, make the deposit that is required. Typically, 50% of the total fee is required.

We will begin by preparing preliminary floor plans to your specifications and design and send them to you. At this time in many circumstances a structural engineer is required depending on your design and location. The cost of engineering is not included in our fee. We provide engineering drawings based on our standard details or the structural engineer's recommendations. You can contract with your own engineer, or we can arrange for one to look at your project at an additional cost.

Make any notes about changes or additions to the floor plans you would like, and we will make the corrections and resubmit them to you for approval.

After we have an approved set of floor plans, we can start on the balance of the drawings that are needed to get the plans approved in your locality.

As we progress, we will be sending drawings to you for input on design and layout, so we are sure you receive the house of your dreams. Be sure to make clear and specific notes about changes you would like so we can incorporate them into the drawings.

Now we have a completed preliminary set of drawings.

Finally, you have a completed set of professional house plans. Be sure to do a final check to make sure the house plans are everything you want before printing. Have them printed. (We can print them and send them to you for an additional charge if you prefer). Final Payment is required at this time.

Now you can submit them to your local government for approval. Many times, the local government will require some kind of correction. We will do the corrections at no additional cost to you.